What is Travel CRM?

By July 15, 2020 No Comments

Travel CRM short for customer relationship management, is a software which is designed to help tour and travel agencies to automate their day to day activities. It provides a perfect and simple interface to manage customers, leads, itineraries, invoicing, bookings, quotations, sales, etc. from one single platform.

TravelCEO is one of the best leading travel agency software which helps travel companies including travel agents and tour operators to manage different tours. Booking features of TravelCEO automates the process leading to higher sales efficiency and booking. As its online booking system has a simple interface that is easy to use and booking can be done from customers’ comfort.

You can use TravelCEO to integrate other systems into one single platform like customer contacts, service center, booking system, and many more, to have a clear view of all the activities and its progress. Hence, provides coordination and transparency.