What is tour operator Software?

By July 16, 2020 No Comments

Tour operator software is a program that equipped the user to manage tour activities online such as booking, reservation, appointment, meeting, etc. It even allows customers to manage their booking and payment online. Hence Tour operator software automates tasks for tour operators and assists with business management.


TravelCEO is specially designed for tour operators as it focuses on managing inventory and customers. It has many features that help to simplify business processes and gives your business a professional edge. TravelCEO provides you with a flexible tour schedule and prevents you from overbooking or underbooking on that date.


One of the most important CRM features of TravelCEO is that it provides 24/7 booking software so that you can accept booking around the clock. It offers varied payment options so that you get paid on time and ensure no booking is confirmed without payment.