What is the best Travel Agent software?

By July 15, 2020 No Comments

Travel Agents use travel agent software to manage their services. This travel agent software connects both front and back-office activities easily and effectively. IT provides a simple platform where travel agents can offer or promote their products or services to their customers and prospects. Travel agent software supports the full customer engagement cycle from reservation to customer feedback.


 TravelCEO provides a fully integrated end-to-end business information system for travel agencies and travel agents. Its CRM features allows you to automate back-office workflow such as order control, billing & account management, etc. which helps to increase productivity & customer satisfaction. TravelCEO allows you to manage both web and mobile bookings from a single platform.


 TravelCEO allows you to store a large amount of data about your customer, such as name, email, location, age, gender, etc. Its CRM tools allow you to track data of your customer’s activities as when customers open your email, visit your website, etc. All this data will give you a clear image of who each customer is. And also provide a history of customer interaction with your company. TravelCEO allows you to know your customer in a personal way.