What is the best social CRM for travel agencies?

By July 16, 2020 No Comments

The best social CRM for a travel agency is TravelCEO. It is built with all the CRM tools required to track, record, and organize and nurture the leads. TravelCEO provides you with a complete view of your sales performance, team activity, deal report, and even forecasts.



TravelCEO comes with contact management which allows you to add an unlimited number of contacts. Its advanced CRM features help you to know how the customer finds your business through -online search, trade, social media, or marketing campaigns so that you can know where you are getting the biggest return on your marketing investment.


TravelCEO helps to remove bottlenecks by allowing you to make a clear workflow for your team to stick on a daily basis by following-up on new leads or delivering consistent new customer onboarding. It improves the efficiency of the team.