What are the top modules of online travel booking software?

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Online booking software provides an interface for customers to book multiple products like hotels, sightseeing, flights, etc. Here are the top modules of online travel booking software.

  • Agent Management

  • Booking Management

  • Accounts Management

  • Staff Management

  • Online Management

  • Inquiry Management

  • Recharge Management

  • Cancellation Management

  • Discount Management



TravelCEO has the best online booking software as it provides all the top modules for business. CRM features allow your customer to book, reschedule, and cancel the booking through a web interface. It allows you to sync the calendar with the system so that you can view all your booking along with other information at one glance.


TravelCEO provides you with the best CRM tool which lets you collect a payment at the time of booking which increases your income, and doesn’t have to worry about payments when they arrive or face loss if the client doesn’t show up for the service. Helps to reduce the number of no show.