What are the most popular CRM software used by the travel industry?

By July 15, 2020 No Comments

There is a lot of CRM software in the market which offers different features. It depends on how you are planning to handle the customer and what your business requirement. There are plenty of CRM solutions out there that you could use like TravelCEO.

TravelCEO is an online travel CRM software designed to help travel businesses to accelerate its sales, automate tasks, and even aid in making smarter decisions to grow your business faster. The CRM features offers – Lead and Contact management, workflow and automation, sales opportunity, reports, and mobile applications.

TravelCEO comes with a  simple interface allowing you to easily manage inquiries, follow-ups, quotations, etc from one single system with ease. With the best CRM tools, TravelCEO smoothens the business activities and helps in increasing customer retention. It also has some standout features such as real-time notifications, social media integration, automated currency conversion, and many more.