What are the main features of Travel CRM?

By July 15, 2020 No Comments

Here are some of the main CRM features of Travel CRM that every good travel software has.

  • Lead management

  • Payment collection reminders

  • Email management

  • Advanced reporting

  • Booking management

  • User management

  • Alerts & Notifications

  • Automatic lead assigning

TravelCEO has become necessary for every travel business as it helps to operate efficiently and successfully. It’s perfectly designed CRM tools help your business to manage your daily work easier and if implemented properly can help to increase customer service. TravelCEO helps you to keep your employees informed and empower them to present a good image of the company in front of the customer.

TravelCEO is the best travel CRM software to manage all booking, travel packages, generate leads, and follow up with them. It provides various other tools such as dashboards, reports, leads scoring for business, and many more. Travel CEO offers features such as automated marketing, lead scoring, lead segmentation, automate workflow, reports, travel invoice, contact management, and much more.