What are the functions of travel CRM systems?

By July 16, 2020 No Comments

Travel CRM systems offer many functions. It deals with many interactions between the company, its sales forces, marketing team, and its customer. It primarily supports all this communication with data management systems. Here is the list of primary functions of the travel CRM system.

  • Lead capture

  • Prospect tracking

  • Customer tracking

  • Marketing Report

  • Service tracking

  • Invoicing

  • Centralized data


TravelCEO is a CRM for travel agents and companies which is programmed to manage their customer relationships. Travel CRM software manages, develops and follow-up on leads to run their travel business. TravelCEO provides multiple tools for travel companies such as AI-based lead scoring, changeable visual reports, customizable dashboards, and visual deal pipeline for smooth running of travel businesses.



TravelCEO provides an improved marketing CRM tool to enhance your reach to potential customers and deliver outstanding travel experience. You can even track all the performance of your mail you have sent to your customer or prospect through TravelCEO.