Travel CRM

Travel CRM is one of the most useful features for any travel agents and tour operators across the world. Travel CEO has very simple yet robust CRM features which helps travel agents to convert their leads into bookings and increase their conversions drastically.

Take your Travel business to the next level with the help of below Travel CRM features.

Travel CRM Software Features

Customize Pipeline

Customize your own lead pipeline / stages / status to organise the leads in an easy way as per your convenience such as New Lead, Quotation Sent, Potential Lead, Positive & etc.

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Create lead from your website

Create leads automatically from your website or any landing page. Customize lead enquiry form as per your needs in a couple of minutes and start creating leads straight away from your website.

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Unlimited Lead management

There is no limit for the lead management. In Travel CEO you can create even millions of leads and manage them efficiently and easily. No strings attached.

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Lead Follow-up Notification

You will never miss a single follow-up. Yes. Our software will send you notification on your screen just before the lead follow-up time. This helps you to convert more bookings.

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Lead Follow-up History

Record lead follow-up history after every customer follow-up. You will never miss track of the customer even if your employees are on leave or if you forget the interaction with customers.

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Send Quotation

We have built an artificial intelligence software which helps travel agents build beautiful travel itineraries in PDF format in couple of minutes. Entice your customers by creating stunning itineraries. You can even Save and take them offline.

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Email lead report

Get daily lead report of the entire team. This will help you to track your employee leads and stages in a closer way to increase your bookings drastically.

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Graphical lead report

Nothing is equal when it comes to visual images. We have built a lot of lead reports such as destination wise lead report, tour type wise, employee wise lead report & 20+ more options.

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Excel Lead Report

Get insights of each and every lead in detail by generating lead report in excel sheet format. You can generate lead report with 50+ different options and export to excel sheet.

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Import Leads from Excel

Creating leads manually is not an easy job. Our lead import tool will make your job easy. Just upload the lead excel file and select the user to assign. That’s all. You are done.

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Bulk Lead Assign

Categorize and assign leads to your another employee in a couple of minutes. For example, You can assign all John’s positive leads to James in a single click.

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Pre-built fields for Lead Creation

We have designed lead creation form with 20+ travel related inputs. You can just enter the leads and start creating leads without any setup.

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Want to take your Travel business NEXT BIG Level ?

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Lead Pipeline / Stage

Customize your CRM pipeline or Stage or Status name such as New lead, Quotation Sent, Potential, Positive  as per your company terms and organise leads in an efficient way.

  • Customise your own name
  • Change Pipeline names any time
  • Complete control over your system

Create Leads from Your Website Directly

Using the Enquiry form widget, you can create leads directly from your website or landing page to your Travel CEO leads. You can assign it to any of your employees.

  • Customize widget in couple of minutes
  • 100% Configurable – Color, Size, Text, Input fields.
  • Traveller name
  • Traveller email id
  • Traveller contact number
  • Travel Date
  • Tour Location
  • Tour type
  • Number of days
  • Hotel details
  • Flight details
  • Meal information
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Get Email notifications when you receive new lead.

Travel  Lead Management System

Travel CEO lead dashboard is an award winning Travel CRM software, No trainings required and you can manage all your leads in a single place.

Lead Follow-up Tracking

Record every customer follow-up and never lose any customer interaction history.

  • Record unlimited customer follow-up
  • Update next follow-up and Get notified
  • Track Quotations Sent
  • Track all follow up from lead creation to closure

Send Quotation

Send unlimited travel quotations to your customers from the lead dashboard. You can track each and every quotation sent for future reference.