How secure is my data in Travel CRM?

By July 15, 2020 No Comments

Travel CRM is designed specially to contain all kinds of information about your clients. As clients are the main aspect of the business. Your business data is secured through encryption. You should check the data encryption protocol of the Travel CRM as this differs from one CRM to another.

TravelCEO is a cloud-based Customer relationship management software for the travel industry which helps them to improve leads management and increase conversion process, increase sales efficiency, and streamline the followup and helps to expand the customer base. 

In the travel industry, most of the aspect takes place online. TravelCEO makes sure that the security of customer data is one step more towards a safer and secure web. TravelCEO has mind-boggling and dedicated programs to protect the customer’s data. All the data from number to email id are encrypted through very strong and secure encryption. Making it impossible to decrypt the data even if you have access to the database.